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Greeting from CEO

In a way that only we can do

To "expand the world view of children"

_DSC8377_edited.jpg a company that was established as a management consulting firm in 2018.
Since its inception, I have become aware of direct social contributions, and after many wonderful encounters, I have begun efforts in the infant industry to be guided.

However, in reality, the kindergartens and nursery schools that listened to us even if we told them what we wanted to do were very limited. In addition, I created my own classroom for infants to get directly involved with children, but the old birds continued to sing from the beginning of the store.

I was keenly aware that in order for the infant industry to talk and accept something, we first need to solidify our feelings. We decided to spend a lot of time discussing it. What do we want to do in the toddler industry, what can we do to contribute to the industry, and how serious we are.
"Are you a volunteer? Is it a business?" "Is that so the garden and parents are happy?" "Isn't it self-satisfaction?" Opinions were often divided among the members, and discussions often took place at midnight. Meanwhile, each member began to talk about their original experiences, and finally everyone's feelings were solidified.


We want to expand the world view of children.


The wider the world view, the easier it is to have high goals.
As we see the world as our own and accept foreign things, the scale of our actions grows.
I think that expanding the world view is what expands the possibilities of children.

We seriously challenge to "expand the world view of children" in a way that only we can do.
We will take on this big challenge as our main business by completely eliminating the loose feelings of social contribution.

Of course, in this big challenge, everyone of kindergartens and nursery schools, it is essential to have an encouragement and cooperation deer from everyone in the region, other companies like.

With the support of everyone, I would like to succeed in this big challenge for children.

Since I had this feeling, the number of people I can work with has increased little by little. I really appreciate it.
Think Alot, a company that "expands the world of children" in a new way

Best regard,


March 1, 2021. Takanori Maede, CEO


Company name


Takanori Maede


March 2018


10 million yen

Number of employees

15 people



2-7 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Chatelet Daikanyama 405

Major Operations

Providing SDGs program "EN-TRY" for nursery schools and kindergartens

Operation of SDGs World Exchange / English Conversation Class "coeta" for infants

Research and survey on infant education

IT support for infant facilities

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